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Sep 24 - 30

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol movie playing in High River

Running Time: 85min
Rating: G
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Oct 1 - 7

Cry Macho

Cry Macho movie playing in High River

Running Time: 104min
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  • Midnight Mass

    Mike Flanagan’s “Midnight Mass” sees the talented writer/director move from adapting Stephen King to crafting a project that feels so distinctly like one of the horror...

  • Dear Evan Hansen

    In 2021, movie musicals are again the rage. “In the Heights” and “Annette” have already been released. “tick, tick … BOOM” and Steven Spielberg’s remake of...

  • The Starling

    Theodore Melfi's “The Starling” expends so much energy trying to tug at your heartstrings that it never bothers to develop a pulse of its own. It's a stubbornly...

  • Surge

    An impressive Ben Whishaw is rigged to blow in “Surge,” the electrified debut feature by Aneil Karia, which follows along as the actor’s ticking-time-bomb character...

  • The Guilty

    Largely loyal to the 2018 highly-acclaimed thriller of the same name, “The Guilty” will offend some cinephiles with its very existence. “Just see the original,” they will shout,...

  • Sankofa

    Directed by Haile Gerima in 1993, the Ethiopian production “Sankofa” mystically and viscerally centered Black diaspora in a slave narrative. The idiosyncratic film opens with a Black man with...

  • I'm Your Man

    Maria Schrader’s “I’m Your Man,” which won an award at Berlin earlier this year before a limited theatrical release from Bleecker Street next week, is a clever little...

  • El Planeta

    A mother-daughter bond shines through stark black-and-white cinematography and surreal humor in “El Planeta.”

    The debut feature from writer/director/star Amalia Ulman recalls the scrappy, low-budget look and...

  • East of the Mountains

    How the hell do you sell a slow, moody character study like “East of the Mountains”? Character actor Tom Skerritt takes the lead for once in this...

  • Birds of Paradise

    There's really only one way to evaluate "Birds of Paradise," and that is this: Is it better, worse, or as good as "Center Stage"?  

    Every generation gets one...

2D Nights
For patrons who have issues with the 3D technology, we've reserved the
Sunday & Wednesday night for shows in 2D
Sunday Matinee will still be in 3D

for that particular week

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