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Jan 17 - 23


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Running Time: 1hr 48min
Rating: 14-A
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  • Intrigo: Death of an Author

    An unfaithful wife is murdered -- or maybe not. A successful writer commits suicide -- or maybe not. Nothing is certain here, not even the central character's name....

  • Bad Boys for Life

    You would have to be a darn fool to believe that Sony thought it had a good movie in “Bad Boys For Life.” It’s being released smack dab...

  • Dolittle

    It's hard to know what, exactly, went wrong here. The concept is fine, even the adaptation is fine: eccentric doctor who can talk to animals goes on a...

  • Weathering with You

    I can see why some animation fans revere writer/director Makoto Shinkai (“5 Centimeters Per Second,” “Garden of Words”) as the next big thing in Japanese animation. Shinkai’s...

  • A Fall From Grace

    “A Fall From Grace” is Tyler Perry’s first movie for Netflix, which might suggest a certain amount of polish that’s typically lacking from his prolific filmography. But...

  • Troop Zero

    If Wes Anderson were to mesh “Bad News Bears” with a live-action “Monsters University,” the result would look and feel something like “Troop Zero,” a...

  • The Wave

    The Wave” feels like an anachronism. In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, there were waves of movies about obnoxious, well-off white dudes learning a lesson about...

  • Disturbing the Peace

    “Mama take these guns away from me; I can’t shoot them any more.” That was Bob Dylan in 1973, breathing newish life into an origin-untraceable piece of...

  • The Host

    If you’re going to shamelessly rip-off from a classic most of us have seen, at least make it interesting. Andy Newbery’s “The Host” riffs off of two...

  • VHYes

    A sense of humor is a funny thing, especially for those of us who treasure the weird stuff. When something that's "out there" works, it’s true love. When...

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